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There’s nothing more pleasant than having a bad odor-free cats’ pees and poops at home. Cat lovers know exactly what this mean, that’s why they pay attention to their furry companion’s small “comfort room”. They train their beloved cats to use the litter tray to avoid the unpleasant smell and mess on the floor and corners or darkest parts of the house.

Choosing the litter to put on the tray is not straightforward. You can just pick what you think is best for your indoor cats, but then later you will find out that they don’t like it. Before buying or replacing the litter, make sure to observe your cats’ behavior.

Clumping or non-clumping

Clumping litter is best for adult cats because they won’t play with these grains on the tray anymore and then lick them. This type of litter form like a clay or clump when wet, so make sure to keep this out from little paws because it might block their digestive system if swallowed.

Cat owners prefer this type because it is easy to clean the tray by just taking away the solid and add more litter to make it at least 3 meters again.

If you think clumping litter is not best for your cats, try the non-clumping one. As the name suggests, it won’t clump when your cats urinate on it. But it works as well as the other types of litter, it eliminates bad odor coming from urine and feces.

Some clumping and non-clumping litters work well for multiple cats using the one litter tray. It still makes your home free from bad odor for 24 hours. Purina’s Tidy cats is known for its 24/7 performance in reducing or getting rid of the unpleasant smell.

It is importance though that you clean the tray with soap and water, rinse it with warm water, and replace the litter every week. Cats don’t like stinky and dirty little comfort room, so it is important to keep it nice and tidy.

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