The Perks of Being a Mom-to-be


The Perks of Being a New Mom Pocketchange photo

There is no greater joy for a woman other than falling in love and getting married and anticipating the birth of her child. Often the most enjoyable activity while waiting for the baby is purchasing clothes, scouting for baby furniture, toiletries, accessories and other baby relevant stuff. What’s more fun is putting your mom-to-be hormones in a creative force and use. There are so many nifty ideas you can get from all around the internet, from friends, and other moms alike and even from the members in your pregnancy class. You can channel this positive energy towards creating something from scratch such as paintings, decorations, a few of your baby’s things like mittens and booties.

Before your delivery, you will want to think of packing all the essentials in one bag and also letting your husband know where to locate it in case you pop in an unexpected place. Although you are already beaming with excitement, you still wonder how you can look presentable after giving birth. Of course, friends and co-workers would want to visit you and your little one but you don’t want looking like bloated gorgon, at the same time, you wouldn’t want your new born baby exposed to unnatural elements such as make-up or perfume. The best option you’re left with is to look presentable in cute clothes.

After delivering, your body is not going to be in the best of shape, but this is normal since carrying the baby for nine months is no joke. Your body has served as your baby’s home and if anything, the physical changes must be regarded as badges of honor more than anything, but at the same time this doesn’t mean that there’s no more room for looking good. After all, you’d still want to look great in your social media pictures. Make it a fun picture-taking event by dressing up with matching onesies with your baby. Since you will be spending most of your time at home and with the baby, your first few post-pregnancy clothes must be comfortable and nursing-friendly. Try something with colors that will stimulate the baby’s vision and something that isn’t restricting.

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