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Many people think that traveling is something that only rich people do. Whenever they see the prices of tours and accommodations, they often hold back from the idea that it can be done by anyone. The truth is, there is always a way that one can travel without robbing the bank. If you think you can’t afford to do your trip on a budget, try the following tips:

1.       DIY

Do not limit yourself to the package tours that will cost you an arm and a leg. It will come up surprising that many people have tried and succeeded in doing the same travel route that you want to achieve on a budget. Research, research, research. Spot those itineraries of other travelers who have been to your destinations. By doing your own itinerary, your trip can be more flexible and you can prioritize the attractions you want to see based on your interests.

2.       Consider all forms of transportation

Be it through a plane, a bus or a train, always consider the cheaper options. Some train stations are located to the most scenic towns where you might spend the most memorable moments of your travel. If you can avoid it, do not take cabs or rent a car unless it is necessary. Not only you can save more of your dough, you can also experience the local scene by immersing yourself to the local form of transportation.

3.       Look for guesthouses or hosts

Accommodation is usually the most expensive part of a trip. If you are traveling on personal purposes, you may find it relieving to consider a hostel or a guesthouse. Recently, more decent hostels are springing up for travelers who want to spend their money wisely. If you have a friend or a relative in your destination, ask if you can sleep over. This way, you will be able to get reunited with them and share updates about your lives during dinner. But, if you have been smitten by wanderlust, try couchsurfing too ( Through this site, you can meet a lot of other travelers who can host you for free.

4.       Set your daily budget

Plot your finances on a day-to-day basis. Determine the possible cost of your stay in one destination. Do not underestimate. Always have a contingency fund while sticking to your budget. Bring your credit cards but only use them when needed. Every morning during your travel, revisit your budget to know if you are overspending or if you still have an extra for something you want to buy or visit.

5.       Familiarize yourself to the local setting

You might have found a good airfare deal and a nice accommodation but once you get to your destination, you find out that you are lost. Before leaving your place of origin, plan your way out of the airport or train station. Get free maps that are usually provided at the arrival area. Know the different ways of going around the town. Be familiar with the key places like the public market, bus stations, malls and parks. These will serve as your guide during your stay.

Lastly, whatever happens, enjoy the whole experience. Things may not happen as planned but always remember that you can always learn from every travel escapade you do. Travel can give you a lot of priceless learning and awe-inspiring memories.

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