Unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day comes once every year, that’s why we crave to celebrate it with our loved ones different from the past year. We feel that enjoying the day in a unique way can add spice to the relationship. However, how to make the day romantic, special and yet different from the usual?

Just the two of us

Oh yes, this is always the target: To be alone together during this day. Instead of going out for a dinner or of watching movies together, invade the rooftop as you watch the moon and the stars while holding a glass of wine and eating your favourite sweets. This is just simple but, of course, romantic way to be with your one and only love. Yes, you may lie down on the any part of the rooftop while throwing away your wishes upon the stars and exchanging silly jokes.

Be with your friends

If you were previously celebrating every Valentine’s days with just the two of you, try to gather your friends to grab bottles of beers with you. This unique celebration is best for those who are already engaged as they can share the moments of love with their close friend before walking down the aisle and exchanging “I do”.

Act of kindness

This may sound boring or uninviting to some, but couples who love volunteering works would surely love to spend the day with some acts of kindness. Those who love pets may spare this day to help stray dogs and cats find their home or assist people in the pet shelter. If pets are not your common interest, you may want to spend Valentine’s Day in the home for the aged to talk to elders and to create long lasting memories with them.

Think for your common interests or volunteering works that both of you would like to get involved and that will surely be part of your unforgettable memories together.

Music and Music

Couples who both have flair in music can use this time to compose their own music, or perhaps a new theme song, during this Heart’s Day. Collaborate in creating either upbeat or mellow tuned song that will define your perfect, true love. Remember to just have fun while writing the lyrics and arranging music to put harmony in the song for your sweet relationship.

Go with the flow

Prior to February 14, agree to not plan anything on Valentine’s Day but instead both of you will go with the flow which means an impromptu celebration. Throw those expectations away if the day will be perfect or not but rather start it with your daily routine until getting closer to the “surprise” plan. The purpose of this type of celebration is to see how both of you will response to the unexpected event that each of you will come up for the sort of last-minute plan.

There are many ways to make this Valentine’s Day meaningful and unforgettable. Being unique actually means only the two of you can understand why you choose to celebrate the day that way.

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