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Remember the time when you were just a little kid, you would only wear the clothes with your favorite color. We are unaware why we love the color but it somehow affects our actions and moods whenever we put on the fabric with the shade we love.

Our favorite colors tell something about our personalities and even what we want in life. It can also reflect our current mood depending on which color we feel like dominating our aura. Before you continue reading, I suggest to think of your favorite color now in 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

The first color that comes out of your mind is your favorite one or the most dominant of your personality. Have a look below of your personality, I mean color, and see which of them best describes you.

Yellow – The lightest shade of the primary colors is associated with hope, happiness, and fun. Those who like yellow are seen friendly because they love to talk. If you like this color, you perhaps already know that you are a very logical and creative person. Most of “yellow people” like challenges because this color uplifts inquisitiveness. Perfectionist is also one of the traits of people loving the yellow hue. In achieving goals, they prefer to use their mind instead of physical energy.

Green – Getting the feeling of green, you know right away that it is about balance and harmony. Like when we are closer to the nature, we feel so relax and light because green has this vibe of making the atmosphere renewed and restored. People who love this color are those who are practical, humble ones. They are either striving for balance or already stable in life. Although most of us are kind and generous, these traits are dominant, mostly, with “green people”.

Red – By just looking at red objects, we know that this color projects strong characters. People who love this color are mostly those who have leadership qualities and high confidence. They are those who are optimistic and courageous as this warm color suggests strong and powerful energies. Competitive and ambitious are most likely the characters of people who pick red over the other shades. “Red people” prefer work that involves physic al energy to mental challenge.

Blue – This color associates with trust and loyalty, so if you love this then you already know by heart that these are your dominant traits. Other obvious characteristics of “blue people” are conservative, reliable, and cautious. If you know someone who likes this color, you perhaps already notice that they take responsibilities seriously, which make them reliable at work and home.

Orange – You can tell that this color is the combination of red and yellow, so we can feel the warmth and cheerful ambiance brought by this hue. You can somehow pinpoint people who like this color in social gatherings as they are those who are assertive, friendly, and sociable. They are charming and inspire people with their vitality and positive aura. “Orange people” love outdoor adventure and always looking forward to challenges.

Purple – Imagination and spirituality are the two common things you can link with people who love this color. You can view them as those who are compassionate, supportive, and understanding. (Who would not love to be with them?) They are very gentle and free spirit, but sensitive. When imaging their future, they always look to the ideal side of life. If you want someone to keep your secret, find “purple people” around you to hide them in the box.

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