7 Tips for a Happy Marriage


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There are no hard rules and set ingredients for a surefire happy marriage. And while modern-day scientists have yet to create a magic love potion for happy and successful marriages, the best we have is to piece together tips from real-life couples who’ve gone through the entire marriage shebang. Here’s how to find some (or at least a semblance of) wedded bliss:

1. Say “Thank you” often. Gratitude has long been statistically linked to happiness. Don’t assume that your partner knows how grateful you are for even the littlest of things, like not forgetting to throw away an empty box of milk from the fridge, or putting the toilet seat up.

2. Communication is key. You should be able to communicate your thoughts, needs, wants, and feelings in a manner that your partner can understand. Talk about everything. You need to be able to take time to have a discussion about your misunderstandings and disagreements.

3. Agree on major life decisions. Agree on whether you want or don’t want kids, when you both are planning on raising a child, how to raise it, and other major life decisions. Like in 2, partners must include time for a discussion on these important married life matters.

4. Keep a healthy physical relationship. Both spouses should be mindful of the differences in physical intimacy between men and women. Especially after having kids, partners should take the time to put their physical relationship a priority.

5. Fight constructively. Everyone fights at some point. But a key factor is still maintaining the same level of respect in your relationship when trying to resolve conflicts. Even if you need to take some time and space before going back to discuss the issue, what’s important is for you to not be too emotionally upset and “take it out” on your partner.

6. Learn how to stay in love. Spend time working hard on your marriage. Find ways to enjoy quality time together: go on dates, travel, have a mini staycation, etc. Be more affectionate.

7. Admit when you’re wrong. Don’t let your pride get in the way.

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