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It’s too cold to have colds. While most of the days this winter season are spent inside our house, we wonder why we still suffer from common colds. Virus circulates around the small area which makes the household easy target. To avoid hitting by this contagious disease, here are some helpful tips to fight winter colds.

Warp to feel warm

Shivering slows down our immune system which makes who shivers easily catch colds. Ensure you don’t let that icy feeling affects your body by wearing clothes that keeping you warm.

Keep hands clean

Apart from getting the virus via air, germs can be passed on through the objects touched by those who have colds. They can be on the door knob or the faucet on public restroom. To make sure you wash out the germs, keep your hands clean.

Eat for healthy immune system

Always eat a balanced diet and always include food that boosts your immune system not only during winter. By strengthen your lymphatic system, colds and other respiratory diseases are not welcome to your body. Some of the fruits and vegetables that help you fight colds are apple, oranges, lemon, and broccoli, and cabbage which are good source of Vitamin A and C and other vitamins and minerals needed by our immune system. Spicy curry is said to fight colds because it contains anti-viral properties.

Stress not distress

Get enough sleep, particularly after a stressful day. Too much stress can weakens our immune system which makes one prone to catching colds and cough. Apart from right amount of sleep, try other stress relievers such as taking a bath, spending time with your kids (if you’re already have) and pets, playing video games, and doing the sports your love.

If you already suffer from colds, drink more water to avoid dehydration. Follow the tips above to recover fast and to avoid the virus from spreading, wash your hands every time you sneeze on your bare hands.

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