Gray is The New Black for 2014


Gray is The New Black for 2014 Pocketchange photo

When it comes to fashion, black is the most go-to color as it is versatile, elegant, and flattering. What most of us don’t know is that gray is a great neutral alternative to black. Gray is still within the basic concept (black and white). Gray is perfect neutral canvas, more sophisticated and less dramatic than black. It will always be elegant and a grand background for contrasting and blending. For those who have an understated look on current fashions, gray, in every term is a very dressy departure in attire.

Gray is a great way to set off black. For instance, if you are wearing an all black ensemble and want the blackness to be highlighted but not upstaged, a gray piece could break the monotony and accentuate the black. Gray against black looks more thought-out and put-together than the usual all-black outfit. Because gray is more subtle and muted, it calls attention to texture, inviting you to think less about how the clothing looks and more about how it feels. It is an interestingly sexy color that won’t give you away since it leans toward class and calm.

This season is all about embracing gray as the new black. Muted and mysteriously alluring, almost to blend in however chic to the nines. Because grey is actually simple color to incorporate into your wardrobe, it can be paired with almost any other color of outfit you have. Here are a few essential gray elements that can be great supplements to your already stylish wardrobe:

Gray cardigan – Dark colors from black, plum, navy blue to light colors like white and lavender will go well with a gray cardigan. Your bottom should be darker to compliment the gray shade.

Gray embellished blazer – Whether it’s deep charcoal or cool gray, this piece embodies class and style.

Gray oversized shirt – Considered a must-have, a gray oversized shirt is a very versatile piece that can be paired with a blazer, jeans, and tights. It’s a cool way to look sharp yet casual.

Gray maxi dress – this can be worn with an oversized sweater, a denim jacket or a blazer. This look can go from boho-chic to smart and serious.

To complete a voguish look, use accessories like emerald and sapphire. Doing so would add statement with vibrant colors. How will you incorporate this style element to your wardrobe?

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