Himalayan or Siamese


Some cat lovers or pet lovers are still confused if one is a Himalayan or a Siamese. It is mainly because both have the same color; however, both have different hair lengths. But wait a minute, you can distinguish one not only by their coats but also with their behaviors.

Himalayan | by Helena Jacoba http://www.flickr.com/photos/69302634@N02/9362354644/ via Creative Commons

Purry furry coats

Purebred Siamese have short, soft hair that is shiny and stick tightly to their body. Brushing Siamese’s lovely fur does not require you to do it on a daily basis because it doesn’t get tangled. Whereas Himalayans, you have to brush their coats to detangled and to remove dust as well. It is part of grooming them.

Himalayan, for those who are not aware of, is a mixed bred of Siamese and Persian. (So I guess you have an idea why this cat breed has long hair than the purebred Siamese.)

Siamese | Tobyotter http://www.flickr.com/photos/78428166@N00/5216604290/ via Creative Commons

One is shy, the other is proud

If you try to observe Siamese has its way to let people know that, “Hey, I’m here! Please, pay attention to my beautiful features.” Yes, this cat breed loves attention and gets your attention. It meows for you to either pamper him/her or give him/her some food. It definitely wants to be part of your everyday life.

Himalayan has somewhat opposite characteristics. It is quiet and contented to be pampered. It rarely meows unlike our Siamese friend.

“I’m slender, you’re stocky”

Siamese cats are long and slender, which perhaps they know they are attractive. They have long neck and tail that can boast about unlike Himalayan felines. You know you are dealing with Himalayans if they have round face, but if triangular you definitely can tell they are Siamese.

Look into their eyes, so you’ll see the shape. Siamese cats have almond-shaped eyes, while Himalayan cats have round ones.

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