To Do List Before Leaving for Vacation


If you are leaving your home or your work for quite some time, make sure that you have prepared everything you need. Yet, more than the items you should not forget to bring with you, here are some of the things you need to do a few days before the departure date for a worry-free travel.

Charge all batteries

Be sure that all your gadgets and cameras are fully charged the day before leaving. Also, check the memory card for the space your trip might require.

Print and photocopy your travel documents and itineraries

Secure two copies of your plane tickets and make sure you have all the documents ready in one place.

Prepare your cash

Get cash from the atm. Check the local currency and exchange a right amount especially for fees in some airports and other random must-haves.

Call the credit card company

Inform your credit card company of your travel plans. This will help you track any possible fraudulent transactions during your trip.

Chicco in the luggage | by jetalone via Creative Commons

Check for medical insurance and required vaccinations

Some countries might require you to get a vaccine to avoid acquiring diseases. Review your insurance policy, be it medical or travel, to know the coverage in case the trip requires.

Make arrangements for pets and plants

Have someone feed your pets and water your plants while you are away. It also helps to ask someone to oversee your place from time to time.

Pay bills

Pay in advance to avoid any penalties and other charges. You may also try the autopay system. Check with your bank.

Set up auto email response

Let the people know that you are away so they can set their expectations.

Turn off appliances

Make sure everything is unplugged before you leave.

Clear the fridge from perishables

Check the remaining food in the fridge and clean out any perishables.

Take out garbage

Dispose properly before leaving to prevent any pests in the trash corner of your home.

Check luggage

Hand carry baggage should not contain any sharp objects and liquids should be placed in ziplocks.

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