Penmanship reveals personalities


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As we write, we also reveal our personalities based on the sizes, loops, spaces, and pressure, among others. It is always interesting to know a person by his or her handwriting; it is like you are reading his or her mind. Each letter and every number, even spaces, give hints on the distinct characters and current emotions of an individual. Wonder what does your penmanship tell you?

Graphology is the study of handwriting, wherein the individual’s personalities as well as abilities and health conditions can be identified. Many experts say that it is much easier to analyze the personalities of people if they write in cursive instead of print. Cursive penmanship cracks the emotional stability and point of view in life of the writer.

Slant, left or right or not at all

Experts pay attention to the slant of letters or words as it represents individual’s emotional reaction to situation. If you see your writing is leaning toward the right, it means you have a good self-esteem and an outgoing person. However, you tend to be insensitive at time. You are also tactful but only in certain situations. Left slants on letters or words reveal the person’s uneasiness in expressing emotions.  He or she thinks first before talking or reacting, in short, he or she is not impulsive.

There are those who would write some words toward the left and some to the right. They are those who you would view or are unsure of their emotions or indecisive on where to go. It may seem not good because they are inconsistent in their actions and often struggle with commitments and responsibilities.

Vertical letters, or should I say handwriting that doesn’t lean either left or right, are those from individuals who are guided by logic rather than by emotions.

To connect or not

In cursive, we either see broken or connected lines in each letter. The way an individual links one letter to another also says something about him or her. Examine your handwriting; if you see no spaces between letters that means you are logical and organized. You don’t rely on your emotions in your actions and in making decisions. Large spaces show a person’s free spirit character with so much passion and creativity.

Baseline, your emotional health

When writing in an unlined paper, some struggle in making their sentences straight in line. The baseline, according to some experts, represents the emotional health of an individual. There are some who can write in straight line which reveals their being calm and confident. They are those who feel secure in life. Rigid and methodical are common traits of people who can seem to draw an imaginary line in an unlined sheet. Wavy lines reveal the moody and temperamental characters of a person. Ascending lines represent the cheerfulness and positive outlook in the future; whereas descending tells depression and lethargy.

Small, medium, large

The size of letters in one’s handwriting denotes his or her concentration skill. High concentration level, best when doing one task at a time, and excellent attention to detail are commonly the skills of those who have small handwritings. A right amount of concentration to the activity is enough to be effective is the level of attention of those who have medium or average size of penmanship. Large letters represent fast-moving mind and multi-tasking skill of a person.

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