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Evening gowns, flowers, dates, glitter, glamour are the things to look forward to on prom night. It is one of the most magical nights in a teenager’s life and every girl dreams of the perfect dress, the perfect date and the perfect dance. As prom approaches, you scour the web or the shops for dress ideas, you visit salons for hair and makeup appointments and just when you’re about ready to curb your diet, a big, fat pimple starts to emerge. On your nose no less. If only you knew what to do. If only there was some magical remedy. Fortunately, you’ve foreseen all this and stumbled upon neat tricks to prevent such a dilemma. Before disaster strikes, brace yourself and prepare your safety net. Here are some simple great tips to a pimple-less, prom-ready you:

Diet- a diet high in dairy products and glycemic index foods increases the risk of developing pimples.

Wash your face – twice a day is enough to keep your facial skin clean. Make sure you use mild soap and water and don’t rub too hard. It is recommended by dermatologists to use OTC lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide.

Don’t touch your face- you’ve heard it countless times from your mother and you’ll hear it more until you stop doing it. Our hands and fingers have millions of bacteria and the slightest touch on the face could aggravate the pores and cause an acne breakout. It may require willpower but for the sake of clear skin (and prom!), don’t touch your face with dirty hands.

Makeup- it is common knowledge to remove all your makeup before you sleep but you should also choose makeup that don’t have any harmful chemicals such as silicon primers. These tend to cause a very nasty breakout.

Clean your spectacles – if you wear eyeglasses, make sure to clean them regularly as the oil in your face stick to the frames and this collects sebum and other skin residue.

Do not pop your pimple – in case you already have a pimple, do not touch or pop it. Most infections are born out of puss-related germs and if contaminated with more bacteria from your hands, then a small pimple could spread out and become acne.

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