What Type of Earphones is Best for You?


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Having a music junkie slash obsessive audiophile for a brother has taught me a thing or two about earphones and headphones or headsets. Whatever those guys legitimately call them. It isn’t just about the bass penetration, or the clarity of the music. It’s about how these elements blend together in your ears. It’s also about how the headphones fit well not only on your ears but your body as well. The efficiency of the headphones will depend on how you’re going to use it. My brother used to tell me, if it doesn’t hang well, I’ll end up dumping it. For him, of course, it’s like having a relationship. Your headphones are your best friend. In fact, you are missing out on a lot by using the earphones that came with your smart phone. They are flimsy and don’t really fit in your ears very well. So while using them, you’re already running the risk of destroying them.

Earphones are expensive. The good ones at least. The usual exchange my brother and I have when talking about earphones. I know a good set of earphones are costly but they are worth the investment in the long run. The thing is, we lose earphones all the time. And if I’m spending $200 on something I know I’ll eventually lose, then I’d rather not invest at all. There are mid-range earphones that won’t cost you too much and it’s really all about how frequent and for what you will use them. My brother uses it for recreational purposes. He composes music, he listens to it, and he lives in it. For him, there’s no way he’s living his life other than the way he is now. So whatever reason you have for not getting a good pair of earphones are mere excuses. But how does one really choose the best earphones?


These are the kinds of earphones that go way inside your ears. To some, it is extremely uncomfortable because they don’t like putting things inside their ears. Comfort becomes a personal preference when it comes to earbuds. What’s good about this type is that it cancels out most of the noise and its best used when you’re in loud places such as buses and airplanes. The negative thing is that you cannot get the superb sound quality you can get from using headphones and they may fall out of your ears too.

Ear Pad Headphones

These are generally the most comfortable headphones around. They sit just right outside your ears and won’t make your ears hot or squished. Since they are not fully covering your ears, this leaves room for your ears to breathe. You can hear noise outside, which is perfect for exercising, and your music can also be heard from outside. They usually come in portable sizes that’s why which is great for on-the-go use. The sound quality will suffer in the bass response since they are a little open and won’t contain all the sound in.

Full Size Headphones

Full size headphones completely cover your ears so you don’t get to hear anything from the outside. The large size makes it ideal for home use since it isn’t very portable. Although it provides total effects, it can tend to be a little uncomfortable especially for people who have big heads.

All this can be summed up in the quality of sound you are looking for. If you are not so particular about musical elements, then a good old pair simple ones will do, but as my brother says, make sure they’re as comfortable as you music is to you.

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