Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Gals


Single Valentine | by Julia Miele via Creative Commons

Planning on another chocolate binge fest or a romantic chick flick marathon this Valentine’s Day just to avoid the stares of rumormongers and happily coupled up family and friends? Well, who says you have to have a bitter-ful Vday? Defy Cupid and his puny arrows. Valentine’s isn’t just about the magnification of romance but a celebration for love. So here are some Vday ideas for all you awesome single gals:

Indulge yourself

Discover the beauty of loving yourself first. Go on a Pamper Me Day – massage, mani, pedi, spa, the works! Afterwards, you can go party all night long at a singles bar. Or if you’re the homebody type, clock out early from work and score some books to read  and cuddle up with at home, or grab movies of your ultimate celeb crush and marathon the night away. Order takeout, open a bottle of wine, and celebrate the freedom of the single life.

Share the love

Extend your kind, loving soul to those who need it more. Hand out Valentine’s Day cards to friends or co-workers to brighten their days. Visit a local animal shelter and care for the abandoned furry friends who need a little more TLC. Volunteer locally – homeless shelters aren’t just open on Thanksgiving, right?

Single Girls Date Night

Gather up your single girlfriends and get all dressed up for an awesome girl’s night out. No dress rules and no boyfriend curfew. You can even start early afternoon with a spa date then a dinner date then some cocktails for a night cap. Sounds fun? You bet.

Family Valentine

Play the good daughter and offer to treat your parents for a romantic dinner date. Or if you have nieces and nephews, you can offer to babysit so your sister/s or brother/s and their spouses can also enjoy a romantic night out. Be a cool aunt for the night and treat your nieces and nephews to junk food, past bedtime TV shows, and more – just make sure you get them to bed before the parentals roll in.

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