Babies in Bars: Really?


Baby in Bar | by Angie Garrett  via Creative Commons

You’ve probably seen it – a young woman having a meal to herself at the corner table when suddenly, a wailing sound emerges from the seat next to her and you see a little head popping out from it, crying its lungs out. It’s a topic of debate for most parents: Should babies be in bars?

Some moms argue that bringing babies with them when they’re out socializing is a good way to multitask and stay connected with their peers while still taking care of their baby. Parents on the other side of the table are arguing that there is a proper time and place for babies to be out and hey, what are babysitters for if you’d be carrying your kid around with you all day?

While the end of the debate is yet to be seen, here are a few tips that aims to appease both parties, always keep these things in mind before heading out to a bar with your baby in tow:

Choose your bar.
It’s best to find an establishment that’s a cross between a bar and a restaurant. Go to places which cater to the young ones as well, with kid-friendly items on the menu. Don’t go to really loud bars, but at the same time, don’t venture into really romantic restaurants. Find a relaxed environment where you can sip your mocktail in peace and have a conversation with your friends while your kid sits beside you.

Be mindful.
Come in early and leave before the rowdy lets-get-drunk-till-morning crowd comes in. Most bars are calmer during the day so try to drop by for early dinner or a quick afternoon snack. Be wary of your belongings as well. Fold your strollers, keep your baby bags on your lap (or under the table), and provide coloring books and other toys to keep your child occupied.

Be ready to exit anytime.
Nobody knows when your kid is going to start a concert and cry his lungs out so you must always be prepared to deal with the noise, the stares, and an unexpected awkward exit.

Do you have any other suggestions? Drop a line in the comments box below. Do you approve of babies in bars? We’d love to know what you think.

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