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With more airlines making checked-in luggage inconvenient and pricey, it is wise to be a carry-on traveler. Many people nowadays are in fact traveling with only a hand luggage for trips that will just be for a few days. It may sound complicated at first but if you know the right thing to do, it will help you save time and money. Here are ten tips for packing your carry-on baggage.

1. Know the airline rules

Every airline has its own limits for the size and weight of the carry-on luggage. It is recommended that you double check your ticket and the airline policies for hand carry baggage. Be there on time or earlier for allowance on possible hitch.

2. Choose the right bag

More than just knowing the right dimensions, pick a bag that would fit all the things you need. Consider your convenience in carrying it. Most travelers choose a backpack with many pockets. Avoid the wheels if you can.

3. Have a list

Know what you have to bring few days or weeks before your trip. When packing, put them together in one place and check if you already have everything you have to bring.

4. Lose the liquids

Probably the worst part of packing for a carry-on luggage is ditching the liquids. If you really need to bring some of your gels and lotions, try ziplock plastic bags or smaller containers.

5. Limit your clothes

Most likely, you want to bring more than what is needed. Pack only the essential wardrobes that you will use. If you need a jacket, wear it in the airport to lessen the bulk on your baggage.

6. Wear your shoes

If you have to bring a pair of shoes, wear it on the trip. If you need another one, wear the bigger one and tuck the other pair at the side pocket of your bag or at the bottom of your luggage.

7. Roll and bundle

If you are on a business trip, you are most likely folding your wardrobes in your luggage. Otherwise, you may economize the space by rolling it as backpackers do. For the most compact way of packing, bundle wrapping is recommended.

8. Leave the extras

Avoid too much electronics. Revisit your list the day before leaving. Sometimes, you overlook some things that are not actually necessary.

9. Plan for Laundry

You may do your laundry at the sink of your hotel for items that will dry overnight. If you are embarking on a long trip, paying for a laundry service is a cheaper option than paying for a checked in suitcase round-trip.

10. Wear your camera

If you need to bring your favorite travel side-kick with you, it may save you some space if you wear it around your neck. Just check first the safety and security of your travel destination.

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