Why Black is an Important Fashion Staple


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I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista. If being one means obsessively creating and advocating high fashion, then I am about a million counts from being called such. I like fashion and am particularly choosy when it comes to my own outfits. I think I dress fairly well but cannot pick out clothes for other people as I have no eye for others’ preferential tastes. But if there’s one thing I’m sure of, black is the way to go. To sum it all up, I love wearing black. Black, black and black. Although I occasionally use different shades of grey, black remains the ultimate way of life for me.

Despite black being the color of death, darkness and all things macabre, in fashion, it is considered a staple piece that would go with anything. But that’s not at all why I choose black but it’s because it speaks of my personality. I am awfully shy and introverted and I would normally hide in little corners so as not to be seen. I express myself through writing as I am afraid to be heard. Plus, with the influence of movie icons and literary geniuses, I think I will be sporting black for the rest of my life. But why is it such an important fashion staple?

Black hides anything and everything

It is true. Black has the incredible ability to hide unflattering portions of your body. Aside from the slimming effect it offers, there is mystique to wearing a black tops, black skirts, black jackets and bottoms.  As if it’s shrouding your delicateness while giving you a feeling of perspective, depth and decorum.

It camouflages stains

We can’t avoid days when ketchup, coffee or other liquids drip on our clothes and when it happens, it makes us feels like a sloppy little kid. Black can hide almost all kinds of stains as if they were never there.

It’s versatile

This goes without saying. You can wear anything with black. From pink, green, purple, blue, orange, red to essentially anything. Plus, it can be layered endlessly. Personally, I’m not much of an experimental dresser and I tend to stray from accessories mainly because I stick to what defines me as a person, but, if you’re the type who goes crazy over bangles, chokers, rings and all things bling, then black could be your best pick for a staple piece simply because it could carry any kind of theme or motif you are

It doesn’t give you away

Whether you’re garbed in Chanel, Zara or Forever 21, if it’s black, no one can really distinguish its price tag. Black can mask the embarrassing price tags behind your outfits because it is in itself very stylish.

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