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The answer to the question “which one is better: books or films?” will always be a long-running discussion among the devotees of literature and film. The answer is obviously books, however, there are very few exceptions with some movies that have surpassed the thrill and expectations of the book. This is rarely the case though as books can bring you up to days or months of entertainment. For its recreational value, both provide a great way of relaxation as some people find watching movies a time to kick back and relax without having to think. Books are pretty much the same but the beauty of reading is that you can pause at any desired moment and let the words on the pages capture your feelings and imagination. With films, you are captivated for but a moment and then it forces you to move on to the next scene even if you’re not ready to.

There has been an on-going reasonable debate about movie versions of books and for most critics and audiences alike, the disparity between the two strikes a heavy contrast in the opinion of pundits. Have you ever heard the phrase “the movie didn’t do any justice to the book”? Well in most cases, this is actually true for majority of the films that are made from their book versions. The first movie that was made from a book was Sherlock Holmes and people began to debate about what was better, the book or the film? This started to become a regular topic for discussion among audiences and critics, therefore a platform in itself to benchmark a good book or film for that matter. Books will always be the foundation for a story and nuisance characters. The beauty of a portrayal will lie entirely on an actor when made into a film whereas with books, the personality of a character is born in an author’s mind and interpreted in the mind of the reader. It will take form and shape when the reader starts to imagine the character in his head basing it on the author’s description and narrative. Movies give us a visual thrill. Because we want to actually see and hear the characters and places, watching stories we read brings it to a more visceral level. But then again, this too would depend on the person as many readers take their books into heart and allow the stories and passages to last with them forever. The question will always remain a question and the answer will depend on the lasting effect on its audience.

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