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Our modern lives are inevitably intertwined with technology that anyone with a smartphone is bound to spend more and more time glued to their screens while waiting, working, driving, cooking and sadly, even while engaged in a conversation with someone. It’s almost as if we are compelled to live in our cyber world rather than in reality. And because we are constantly plugged-in, we forget to appreciate the little things in life. We forget to truly enjoy conversations with family and friends and would choose to rather be on our social media, and we forget the virtue of patience. Back in the day, while waiting, we would find things to amuse ourselves and a striking up a conversation with a stranger, or answering crossword puzzles would be just one of the few things we could do while waiting. In lieu of our smartphones, there was always some time to reflect and more especially, there was always time to read books. Not that there’s anything wrong with using your phone but when it becomes a way of life for us, it becomes somewhat of a bad thing.

Reading has never ceased to entertain and educate people. For me, reading is the best form of escapism and the best way to kill time. While browsing the internet can distract you from the waiting period, I still think reading a book is a much more healthy way to spend idle moments. You never have to worry about your battery running out, or accidentally prying into other people’s privacy. When you read a book, you keep to yourself, to your own imagination where no one or nothing can tell you what to do. Your brain receptors slowly take in the information, the stories and the tales while you get to interpret them with your own personal examination. Despite the ubiquitous presence of entertainment websites, nothing really sticks. Unlike books, it is like entering a whole new world slowly, gradually learning about things you never knew existed and things begin to happen simultaneously. You’re in the doctor’s clinic waiting, at the same time, you’re in the author’s imagination. How could that get any better?

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