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Having a headache, no matter how “insignificant” can ruin your day. Just like a toothache, headaches can render you immobile so before you hit your highest pain tolerance, you better heed these tips to save yourself unnecessary pain.

Water – some causes of headaches is dehydration. Drinking lots of water to hydrate yourself just might do the trick. You could also get rid of some toxins by flushing them down with H2O.

Coffee – for some, drinking coffee could trigger or worsen the headache but for some, drinking coffee actually helps.

Peppermint oil – there’s no real scientific proof that it works, but people swears it does. Rub it on the part of your head that hurts and wait for pain to cool down.

Hot or cold compress- this is a diversion tactic more than anything else. Nobody really knows how it works but it’s probably the psychological effect the distraction offers.

Ginger – either in capsule form or raw or steeped for tea, it helps relieve nausea and assists the absorption of and assimilation of essential nutrients.

Sleep – some stress-related headaches simply need to be treated by a nice long slumber. If it is indeed caused by stress, by the time you wake up, you would’ve forgotten that you had a headache at all.

Take a walk – quite the opposite of the previous tip but sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting some fresh air. If you’ve been cooped up in one place long enough, your mind and muscles become dense. When this happens, take a half hour walk outside.

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