Popular nail art designs


nail art | by Lele Breveglieri http://www.flickr.com/photos/leleuzis/5744143249/ via Creative Commons

I love nail art! I’m a big fan of it, and it’s quite my stress reliever. Browsing the Internet to find various amazing nail art designs somehow makes my day complete. With that, I would like to share with you the designs I’ve found that I truly love to do on my nails.

Get your nail polish ready and your nail art tools to start the fun!

Flowers, flowers

If you key in “nail art” on Google search, you will never fail to see flower-inspired designs. Try it, so you will see it for yourself (or maybe you already know). Nail artists and enthusiasts create various designs though to put variety on the flower designs. Some create petals by putting five small dots forming circle then another dot in different color in the center of the five dots.

flower nail art | by monibela http://www.flickr.com/photos/31824034@N02/3157506505/ via Creative Commons

Others use their flat-angled brush to create a different angle or view of the flowers. Some make use of gradient to create a realistic flower with the help of the flat brush, adding outline using long stripes for a more vigorous look.

Animal print

Leopard spot is the most used animal print design on nail art. You will find different two-color combinations for this animal print but, of course, the original orange-and-black combination never gets snob. With just a dot outlined in different color leaving a space on top and bottom in the middle part is an instant leopard spot on the nail.

animal print nail art | by CHARMeyn http://www.flickr.com/photos/my_insanity/4841703569/ via Creative Commons

Cat and dog lovers would surely like to see paws on their nail art designs. It seems that your characters and favorites will display based on the designs you want to put on your nails.

Stripes here, stripes there

Stationery tape creates the perfect lines in this type of design, but some use the thin brush to create a zebra-like stripe. It’s easy to do.

stripes nail art | by panphila http://www.flickr.com/photos/panphila/3885741853/ via Creative Commons

You may use two or more colors, depending on what design you want to achieve. You may stick to black and white but always remember that it’s okay to combine contrasting or complementing colors.

Hearts for you

Heart design on nails is not only popular every Valentine’s Day because some are “heart lovers”. Hearts on the grass, heart-shaped balloon, heart confetti, or heart-shaped flowers are just some of the designs you can paint on your nails.

heart nail art | by panphila http://www.flickr.com/photos/panphila/4634499896/ via Creative Commons


If you have a lot of patience and creativity at hand, you can definitely do these nail arts by yourself. I recommend using high quality nail lacquers to avoid stains on your nails and to make the nail art last a little longer on your nails.

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