Spring Cleaning Guide: Digital Detox


Digital Spring Clean | by David Martyn Hunt http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidchief/6845651011/ via Creative Commons

Ahh, spring, the season where the urge to purge is awakened. And while we’ve all cleaned the nooks and crannies of our houses, it’s equally important to get rid of digital clutter. From emails to your hard drive to your smartphone, practice spring cleaning on your gadgets, too.

Tidy your email.
Control alerts and e-newsletters with various iOS and Android apps out in the market to help clear your email. Try Unroll.me, Mailstrom,  Triage, or Boomerang for Gmail.

Clean your laptop’s screen, keyboard, and touchpad.
Turn your notebooks off and moisten a clean cloth with water (don’t use alcohol for this) and gently wipe the screen. Use Q-tips to clean your laptop keys. You can also opt to use a small vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to remove dirt and dust stuck between the keys.

Back up your files.
 It’s time to clean out all your files and remove the clutter on your virtual desktop. Whether you’re using virtual storage (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) or an external hard drive, save  files and sort them into proper folders while you’re at it.

Control your cords.
A major source of office space clutter are those endless unruly cords. If you’re not into purchasing new wireless keyboard or mouse, try looking for cable organizers to help keep those cords organized and wound tightly to prevent humiliating sudden backflips in the office.

Update your smartphone.
Delete unused apps and unimportant texts or emails to clear space up in your phone. Don’t forget to update your software for optimized performance and increased productivity.

Did you find these tips helpful? Watch out for a part 2 of our Spring Cleaning Guide: Speedy Spring Clean Tips for the Home.

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