Avoiding Freshman 15


Freshman’s life doesn’t mean gaining weight. While you have to be independent at this stage and to be responsible for the food you are going to eat, you have to think ways on how to stay fit without spending much.

Freshman 15 is commonly expressed when a freshman student gain weight, which is approximately 15 pounds. Many gain more weight during their first year in college because of too much of or increased alcohol intake and, of course, eating more food rich in fats and carbohydrate.

To avoid this, freshmen, and perhaps anyone reading this who wants to live a healthy life, create your meal plan. You don’t have to take a diet that may deprive you from eating food you need or makes you anorexic. All you need to have is a balanced diet. You already aware of the balanced diet; it is just that you think a right diet is what let those curves visible on your body. Well, the right one is what makes you healthy.

While it may seem elementary to study back the food groups, it surely helps you have a fit and healthy body and at the same time know the food pyramid. As we all know, our bodies need carbohydrate and protein to keep us going, but we need fruits, vegetables, and dairy products to develop flexible muscles and strong bones as well as to have glowing skin.

BMI (Body Mass Index) helps you determine your weight condition. By calculating your BMI, you will know if you are overweight, underweight, obese, or have a healthy weight. It is easy to calculate it now as there are several online calculators to help you.

One of the factors students start to gain weight when they reach their freshman year is lack of physical activities, such as outdoor activities or sports, and exercises. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to burn calories because even just a workout mat can help you lose weight. You may also purchase dumbbells to develop muscle tones. Get a pair of running shoes and go out the dorm and run. These simple workouts will help you sweat to beat fats.

Remember, the best way to avoid Freshman 15 is to burn calories if you think you take more food and drink than your normal consumption.

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