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Everyone has some special men in their lives. Special days like birthdays and anniversaries cost for parties as well as expression of love. So, use some memorable gifts that can help you to express your love and appreciation to the special men of your life. Here are some great gifts for men of different age groups

Ties can be idea gifts for men of any age. An 18 year old guy can look really cute in a peppy tie, a 28 year old guy can look dashing wearing a striped tie and a 50 year old man can look absolutely adorable in a solid tie. Go for silk ties that have microfiber linings. Such ties can stay unwrinkled throughout the day.

A portable sound system
Men love to have alone time with their close friends and portable electronics. A portable music system will be an ideal gift for men who love to have a great time at home on a weekend. Some portable systems can be best for men who love to travel. For instance Coby portable CD and Cassette player boom boxes come with features including AM and FM stereo tuners, full auto stop cassette players and recorders etc. These two way cassette recording radios also have rotary volume control feature along with a wide range speaker system. You can pick a very affordable portable sound system with the help of a little online research.

A grooming kit
A lot of men like to pamper themselves with great shaving kits and some good skin products. You can go for a Park Avenue men’s grooming kit. Take a look at all the things this kit comes with and find if your man would like it. Go for a kit that has a body deodorant, a shaving cream tube, a shaving brush, an after shave lotion, a talc, a luxury soap, a shaving razor and a great face wash. At the end of the day, your man also needs to pamper his skin.

Go for Cashmere wool gloves if your brother, father or friend drives a motorbike in those chilling days of winter. You can also check out some good leather gloves that provide commendable grip.

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