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Collage frame Johanna | by Lauren Manning via Creative Commons

am sure you remember those old days when you made collage of just about anything that you came across. Your arts and crafts session inspired you to take up with pictures, photos, drawings, paintings …anything that you could find. Well, as we set down to talk about collages today, won’t it be amazing to make a beautiful photo collage?

Just imagine the spectacularly hung a professional looking collage frames on one of the walls of your home! All those wonderful photographs depicting the old memories are sure to liven up the room while giving your décor a personal touch. So let us spice up the interior and learn how to create a wall collage with your family photos.

The easiest way to set up your collage will be to measure your photographs and the size of the wall. Now the best thing to do is use a grid to lay the whole project out. This will help you to figure out which of the many frames you want where.

It is a good idea to move various frames at various points to get the best configuration. Make sure you have included the light switches and thermostat boxes that exist on your wall. You can label each piece of paper that represented a frame and write its picture description.

Another alternative is that you can lay all the frames on the floor and decide the best configuration.

Cut a paper for each of your frame size. Now line it up with the back of the picture frames. Take your child’s crayons and rub against it to know where the hangers are. This will help you where exactly to put your nail.

Now tape these papers to the wall in accordance to your selection of the picture. Make sure that the line is kept straight.

Now get your hammer and let the nails be hammered right through the paper. Obviously you know this since you rubbed over the hangers.

Now remove the papers and hang your photo frames.

 Well, you are done! All you need to do is look over and over again and bask in the glorious photo collage that you have created. I am sure that you will smile each time you saw those beautiful faces right in front of you. Enjoy your beautiful memories!


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