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Easter table runner | by agistadler https://flic.kr/p/mtrm8i via Creative Commons

Easter is just around the corner and the grocery list is probably ready for the Easter dinner menu. But after you complete your cooking ingredients, you realize that the dining table or your home as a whole is not that Easter-ready. And just as how you prepare for Christmas, Easter actually deserves even more attention. Why? Easter is actually the fulfillment of our December celebrations. Anyway, one thing is sure: both seasons are celebrated by believers and non-believers alike. But before we get too doctrinaire and go out of our main subject, we suggest five decoration must-haves for Easter.

Easter Egg Decorating Kit

You sure you’re hosting a dinner? This kit comes handy when all you can think about is the food and you have no more time doing the intricacies of egg decoration. And as the most prominent secular symbol of Easter, eggs should not be out of the scene especially if there are kids attending. Easter eggs are also recommended as a perfect gift for all your guests.

Easter Table Runner

You might have the tastiest recipes and the perfect wine but don’t just put it on an ordinary table runner. Make sure the dining table is also in line with the theme. There are colorful table runners with bunny or egg decorations to match the meal you are serving.

Easter Basket

Where do you think you are putting all your Easter goodies or the fruits? Get yourself a nice-looking basket that will definitely make your guests reach for the candies or the souvenirs. Make it noticeable even if you are placing it on the side.

Easter House Flag

This may not be as popular as other Easter decors but it is justifiable to have a hanging Easter adornment on your door or on your wall. There are many types of Easter house flags you can choose from. Be it more religious or secular in message; pick one that best suits your family’s tradition.

Egg Holder

Some have it in the form of a small tree – just like Christmas Tree! But some are just simple table centerpiece. But whatever style you want, make sure a pleasing holder displays the colorful eggs to serve the purpose of decorating it.

There you have it – the list of some Easter decorations we sometimes fail to notice. They can make your celebration more meaningful. So next time you go shopping, check this list again and make sure you purchase them before Easter Sunday comes.

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