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Almost everyday, infants will amaze you with skills and talents because they learn quickly. Come up with your own games for your baby since you are the expert and watch the way his or her mind blooms! Remember, that children who are developing normally have tremendous differences among them. In contrast to an easygoing baby, a sensitive one is not ‘worse’ or ‘better’. Likewise, a baby is not necessarily ‘smarter’ if he touches the smudge of lipstick on his cheek ahead of another.

3-6 Months

Sing songs like Incy Wincy Spider, Round and Round the Garden, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Put a Spot Over Here etc. and help your baby do actions with them. You can do this at night, in the baby crib to help with sleep training too. Let your baby explore the textures and shapes by giving them safe objects from around the house. Things from the kitchen like plastic items, fine sandpaper, toweling, fur, pans and pots, empty tins with lids, sponges, cardboard, lace, paper and velvet etc.

6-9 Months

Shakers for baby to hold. Use small and lightweight rice containers and fill and seal them tightly. Give them to your baby to shake and hold. Make blocks for your baby with milk cartons. On the sides, draw or stick pictures of animals. Let the baby play and discuss the pictures with them. Where’s Teddy is another popular game. Hide a teddy in your house and then take your baby from room to room and ask them. Point out the rooms as well.

For 9-12 Months

Use instruments to make fun such as two saucepan lids as symbols and wooden spoons with up-turned pans and pots. Different concepts such as loud, soft, fast and slow can be explored with instruments. You can also tie elastic and small toys to your baby’s high chair. Drop the toys and teach them to pull them back up. Remember to pick baby furniture, which helps them get more active and yet is a comfort zone for them.

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