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It’s time to take a leaf out of your own childhood. I remember cycling everywhere as a child and remember being so happy doing that. I was athletic and fit. So why did I stop and when? Work, home and kids happened and that’s when you realize you’ve stopped thinking of what’s good for you. I realized this when I saw so many people cycling to work or just taking out their cycles to do the weekly groceries or other errands in lieu of a car. I saw how fit they were and thought it’s time to list down the benefits of biking to get back to being fit and healthy. Take a look at the many benefits of biking daily:

Get the old rhythm back. It doesn’t matter if you are over thirty, forty or fifty. Slow and steady does it until it becomes a habit. And biking, according to experts, vouch for the fact that biking for at least 15 minutes continuously is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and gives you a solid workout. It helps you lose calories and what’s more, it does not impact your knees. Biking in moderation helps keep your knee joints fit and flexible.

Check out GT bikes or a Sette Forza Pro Ultegra Road or a DK Cincinnati BMX bike. Biking on one of these provides you with cardiovascular benefits irrespective of how fast you ride. When you’re balancing on the bike, you’re engaging your core muscles. GT bikes and others are ideal when you want to travel short or long distances in a short time. And with emphasis on earth-friendly options, biking is one activity that definitely reduces carbon footprints and saves on gas and car maintenance. Get into the habit of using the car only for emergencies and start using a bike to commute to work and save money. And once you get used to biking everywhere, it gets relaxing and feels therapeutic.

For more adventurous activities with the family, check out a Nishiki Adult Wasatch mountain bike or other bikes as they allow you to ride over rocky terrain and hilly areas. Suspension mountain bikes provide efficient bump absorption and help you climb steep tracks confidently.

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