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virtual reality headset prototype| by Pargon via Creative Commons

First it was Oculus Rift, then next Sony announced its Project Morpheus for its PlayStation game consoles, and now another Virtual Reality (VR) headset is being designed and most likely will be hitting the market next year. Survios, the company creating another video game console accessory for new gaming experience, will be bringing gamers to VR world for Wii. Well, the VR headset was shown played with Nintendo’s Wii, so it is safe to assume that it might be available initially to Wii users.

Want to know how does it feel to be chased by zombies or how to live in the fantasy world casting magic and letting arrows go with bow? This is what VR headset creators would like users to experience: being inside the world of video games. Oh wait, will Telltale Games develop The Walking Dead video game supporting VR deadest, I mean headset? I think I will purchase the game and the VR headset when they arrive or only if I have the chance to get close to either Rick or Daryl. Okay, pardon me for my illusion.

look like a virtual reality game | by TORLEY via Creative Commons

It is undeniably that this century has been the time for innovations and evolutions in technology. This era is perhaps the start of more advanced technology in the future wherein flying cars and boards would be just ordinary means of transportation. Anyway, going back to VR world, Survios is also developing various game titles compatible with VR headset and video game console. The days when we are just sitting on the couch and pressing the buttons on the controller hard would soon be gone as players will most of the time have to stand up to move his or her body around. It’s like you don’t have to visit the gym regularly because surely you will get a bucket of sweat.

What’s so good about wearing a pair of glasses to bring you to VR world while playing video games is that you can really feel the game. You move your arms and body instead of pushing the directional buttons or the analog stick. The commands you execute are much more accurate than when the buttons lose thread. The downside is you feel tired after playing the game. Yes, tiring but worthwhile. Perhaps real video game fans would know exactly why getting tired after playing certain video game is never a waste of effort.

Facebook has probably seen the potential of VR headset in the future that’s why it is eager to acquire Oculus. This holds true when other companies create their own version of this product because it means the competition is just around the corner. Consumers will once again provide with options on which one to pick in the market.

While we are waiting for the arrival of VR gadgets, let’s savor the moments with the latest generation Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Wii as well as computers.

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