Spring Cleaning Guide: Speedy Spring Clean Tips for the Home


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If you’ve put off cleaning until spring, then you’ll love these easy speedy spring cleaning tips. Everybody loves a spotless, squeaky clean house but nobody wants to seriously devote a huge amount of time just to do so. We’ve listed down the most common rooms in the house where dust bunnies gather. And we’ve of course, wrote down the corresponding tips from trusted experts on how to speedy clean it:

Bedroom Closet
As a big storage space, closets need a major overhaul every now and then. Donate unused clothes and accessories. Grab hampers, hangers, and storage bins. Arrange clothes and shoes by type and color. Use a full length mirror with built-in storage space for accessories. If you keep your closet organized, chances are, you’d have enough space for everything in your bedroom, therefore reducing clutter all over.

Kitchen Refrigerator
Planning meals definitely becomes much easier if your fridge isn’t as crowded and full to the brim as it is. Remove unnecessary clutter by emptying it out, wiping it all with a water-vinegar mix, and stocking the must-haves in an orderly manner. Toss out week-old leftovers, half-used juices, unused restaurant condiments, and takeout containers (what were you keeping it for, anyway?).

Bathroom Floor
Eliminate soap scum and hard-water stains on your bathroom floor with a disinfecting bleach. Scrub the grease away. Polish off those tiles and replace your bathroom mats. A clean, grease-free bathroom floor can instantly liven up the place and freshen the air.

Living Room Shelves
Whether your shelves are filled with books or trophies or it’s where you mount your TV, it’s important to clean those dust bunnies off and clear the clutter to give off a refreshing, new look to your living space. Use a handheld vacuum for those hard to reach spaces. And don’t forget to wipe off the books or trophies before putting them back in.

Do those chores in no time flat. Read the first part of our Spring Cleaning Guide: Digital Detox and watch out for part 3: Spring Clean Your Career, Too.

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