Spring Cleaning Guide: Spring Clean Your Career, Too


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If your home is in tip top shape after a thorough spring clean, don’t forget your work situation. Spring cleaning isn’t just about clearing out all the clutter you see at home. It’s great to come home from a long day at work to a clean, orderly home but wouldn’t it also feel good to have the energy to wake up early and actually look forward to a work day? Why not spring clean your career, too?

Update your resume. You don’t have to be looking for jobs to have an updated resume. Update your resume at least once in every quarter so you won’t forget the little changes in your job description or those impressive accomplishments you’ve received.

Learn more. Do not get too comfortable with what you have and where you are now. Whatever profession you’re practicing in whatever career you’ve thrown yourself into, it’s always best to learn more. Take up classes related to your job at hand. Look for workshops. Attend seminars. You’ll thank yourself later.

Clean your inbox. Much like a junk drawer, your email inbox basically is a catch basin of anything and everything – meeting details, an article you send yourself so you could read it when you have the time (which, let’s accept it, you’ve actually already completely forgotten about), memos, requests, and more. So go through your inbox, open each email, dissect through what’s important, file them, and trash the others.

De-clutter your desk. Whether you have an office desk or you work at home, your work space is a sacred place where all your career dreams go to die. Just kidding. But seriously, the tower of Post-Its on your desk doesn’t scream “I am an important asset to this company” or “I am a multitasker who can do everything.” Never lose any document or miss any deadlines again by making sure you can see your desktop clearly and neatly.

Say hi. It never hurts to pop by your officemate’s cubicle once in a blue moon to say hi. Besides, you’re working next to them (and sometimes with them) for 8 to 10 hours a day. Learn their names and make it a point to make small talk every once in a while. Who knows, they can help you with work-related problems, concerns, or a future job hunt.

Do you have other tips you can add to the list? Read the first part of our Spring Cleaning Guide: Digital Detox and the second one, too – Spring Cleaning Guide: Speedy Spring Clean Tips for the Home.

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