Tips on Keeping Your Pug Healthy


Pug shot | by jonclegg via Creative Commons

They have the cutest big eyes, the weirdest wrinkly face and the shortest sweaty snout that make them the most adorable creature you could find. Bearing the face from one of the Chinese zodiac signs, with ancient roots as pets in Tibetan monasteries, they are said to bring good luck and have been known to be one of the most loyal dog breeds. Yet, in spite of their wonderful personalities, they are very susceptible to heart diseases, bone defects and respiratory problem. But this should not discourage you to own this endearing pet. In fact, having a pug can be one of the most self-rewarding decisions you will ever make. By paying special attention to them, you can keep them healthy, happy and playful just as how they should be. Here are some of the basics for pug owners.

Check the body temperature

Heat stroke is common for this breed. But it should not cause any worry if they have access to fresh water that they can drink anytime. Keep their body cool during hot summer by taking them outside. It may also be helpful for them to have a small pool to wade in.

Watch the eating habit

Feed them right. This does not mean giving them as much as they want. In fact, you have to control their meals. These creatures are prone to obesity. Being heavy can be a difficult for pugs because of their size. So watch out for signs of overeating and limit their food intake.

Get regular vaccinations

Just like any other breeds, you have to make sure that your pug gets enough protection against infections. Basic vaccines include rabies, leptospirosis, kennel cough, parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis. They also need a daily dose of multivitamins to boost their immune system.

Groom him weekly

This should be easy since their short hair and small size can be a convenience to you. But more than keeping your pug clean, grooming is a good time for you to examine his body. Pay attention to the wrinkly face. It may seem cute but it’s a sanctuary for bacteria so clean the folds with cotton swab and keep the snout dry.

Exercise you pug

They have weak legs and exercising can be the best way to avoid the common hip dysplasia. If your house doesn’t have a yard, make sure you take your pug to a walk every day. It is advisable to start this habit while they are still young.

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