Caring for Your Newly-Colored Hair


Colored Hair | by Marta Norgaard via Creative Commons

With summer almost around the corner, the urge to switch hairstyles is stronger than ever. Opting for highlights? Ombre? Or thinking of going on a 360-degree hair color change? Whatever suits your fancy, always remember that hair color doesn’t stay as fresh-from-the-salon forever.

When it comes to newly-colored hair, keeping them shiny and ultra-bright the day after isn’t a piece of cake. It can lose its vibrancy and the shades get altered by time (and the sun). So what do you do? Read on for a few, effective tips on caring for your newly-colored tresses:

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Suds Up

Wait at least 2 days before washing your hair. Look for products that are specifically formulated for color-treated hair. These hair products do not contain the harsh sulfates that regular shampoo and conditioner do. Also, moisture is very important for color-treated hair so don’t forget to deep condition weekly after shampooing.

Avoid heat tools
Opt for heatless styling options and stay away from curling irons, heat rollers, and blow dryers. The heat contributes to hair damage and color fade. Wide Tooth Comb (Black)

Go wide
With much weaker strands, your hair can’t take a beating. So be gentle and use wide-tooth combs to smooth your locks.

Be content
Do not fry your hair into an over-processed state. Using permanent hair dye too often can actually weaken the hair shaft. This then leads to hair breakage. If you want a touch up, do it every 6 months. But if you’re looking to test a new shade or just want to change every so often, use temporary hair dye instead.

Between salon visits, give your newly-colored hair the lush treatment it so deserves. Avoid getting your hairs in a strangle of uneven color and continuous breakage. Give your tresses a sparkly kick of color and shiny shade.

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