Post-Breakup Survival Tips: Ex-Proof the Apartment


Painting Loft | by Mae Chevrette via Creative Commons

It happens. One day, you’re the happiest, most envied couple in your group. The next week, you’re both in tears, with her taking all her clothes out of the apartment you shared for almost four years. Breakups are sad, messy, and even the sanest ones entail some kind of an emotional mini hurricane that can leave you feeling like a part of your heart was literally chopped off and left to rot in your now empty place.

Who gets the couch?

In a shared space living setup, post-breakups can be equally, if not all the more, heartbreaking – especially if you’re the one who gets to keep the place. How do you start packing, shelving, and throwing everything out? Who gets to keep the couch? Who will take the karma of all those furnishings you bought together? Who’s going to get the cheap, garage sale damned coffee table?

Breathe. Make the transition into pre-relationship bliss easier and get your old self back with these few tips on how to ex-proof your apartment:

Empty out the baggage.
Upon walking into the apartment, get rid of everything that can instantly make you stressed or sad. Grab a bag or box (especially for those high-priced items you know you’ll still be using when you get your sane self back) and just dump everything in. Throw or stash everything where you can’t accidentally see or rummage through them.

Focus on changing the bedroom.
This is where you most likely spent the most time together, so put on a fresh coat of paint – something light and (absolutely) not in her favorite color. Get a new bed, change the sheets, replace those books on your bedside drawer, remove the books on her bedside drawer, take down those framed photos of you two, etc.

Clean Kitchen | by Jess Pac via Creative Commons

Clean up.
As an instant pick me up, cleaning the apartment is a form of physical, mental, and emotional exercise. Find yourself under those emotional dusts that gathered on your bookcase. Clean up the remains of the “love plant” she brought when she first moved in with you. Sometimes you just need a cleaner and more organized apartment to clear your head and calm your heart.

Treat your place.
No need to splurge on an expensive new piece of furniture or install new lights into the place but you can add a couple of inspirational and uplifting decors to lighten the mood. Grab a cute vase and bring fresh flowers like daisies or lilies. Hang your framed favorite book quote in beautiful typography at a place where you can immediately see it when you enter the apartment. You can also arrange a corkboard that’s huge enough to pin a scratch map of the world so you are always reminded of the places you can escape to whenever the blues hit hardest.

Don’t let post-breakup stress get you into a state of unrecognizable combustion. Get your act together and sort through it all, one relationship remnant at a time. Pretty soon, you’ll get your old self again, with a clean, ex-proofed apartment to welcome the possibility of a better perhaps when it comes knocking at your door.

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