Really Simple Weight Loss Tips


Breakfast | by Avid Hills via Creative Commons

While there’s no denying the harsh realities of wanting to lose weight and losing the willpower to actually fight off those hunger pangs, there are little things you can do and easy changes to help fix those unhealthy snacking habits.

Eat breakfast every day.
Various researches have proven that eating daily breakfast can help curb your appetite throughout the day. Enjoy big breakfast meals because your most efficient metabolism is during the morning. Stock up on protein, eat oatmeal, and add at least two eggs in the morning. This keeps you full for the entire day, making you crave lesser snacks in between meals.

Dark Chocolate | by Everjean via Creative Commons

Keep healthy snacks within reach.
And throw those junk food away. No matter how much you love and crave for a certain type of junk food, if it’s within your reach, you’re most likely not going to get up and out of your comfortable sitting or slouching position just to grab one. So keep fruits, healthy sandwiches, granola bars, and (YES) dark chocolate within reach so you can just snack on these, instead.

Use smaller plates.
A Cornell research showed that people who ate off 6-inch plates think that they’re eating 18% more food than what they actually are eating. Smaller dishes actually make people think they eat more, triggering the brain into thinking they’re full. Check out these portion-control plates to help you out.

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean going through extreme dietary changes. Just apple these little neat tricks and you’ll find yourself shedding those pounds bit by bit.

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