What is Skimboarding?


It is basically surfing near the shore. While surfing can be associated to hardcore water sports enthusiasts, skimboarding can be a ton of fun for those who just want to glide out into the ocean and ride the waves or simply skim the sand. This is a very young sport that can be enjoyed this beach season without spending the same long hours on surfing preparation.

The origin can be traced back to late 1920’s and early 1930’s in Laguna Beach, California where life guards used flat boards as a means of transportation across the wet beach. From the pizza shape, the board has changed over the years. The next generation of skimmers was later found on the beach of Southern California until people like Harry Wilson brought it to the East Coast. Now, skimboarders, a.k.a. riders, ride the waves anywhere in the world especially in tropical spots where waves are strong enough to bring the splash.

Skimboarding today is a small sport but if you ask the people who are into it, many prefer it this way. Every rider has his own version of “the perfect wave”. Thus, it makes sense that this sport is said to encourage one’s individuality in the midst of diverse waves. If you want to try it, just remember that the closer the waves break to the shore, the better.

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