DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s that time of the year again when everyone else in the household takes the backseat as we shower Dad with precious gifts and can’t-miss picks from the hardware store. This year, though, why not go the extra mile and save some bucks while you’re at it by giving Dad a handmade gift? Here are a few DIY tutorials for a crafty Father’s Day:
Lego Cuff Links

Lego Cuff Links It’s the perfect gift for your nerdy, dorky Dad. He’ll love how simple this is and yet it stands out most in whatever color suit he’s wearing. And it’s really easy, too. All you need are blank cuff links, two Legos, spray paint, and glue!

Wheel Clock

Wheel Clock This is the perfect clock for the office. It’s so quirky and so masculine at the same time. You’ll just need an old bike wheel and an old clock!

Hammer Time

Hammer Time Because Dad doesn’t need another hammer in his shed that’s overflowing with tools, why not decorate his tools instead, so that when his other Dad friends borrow it, they’ll make sure to remember from whom they’ve borrowed it from. You’ll only need painter’s tape and paint for this!

Personalized Pillow

Personalized Pillow This fabric resist art is something that the whole family can help make. You’ll need Elmer’s Gel Glue and fabric paint in your choice of colors!

Wooden Keychain

Wooden Keychain Here’s what you need for the wooden keychain: wooden sticks, permanent markers, white or wood glue, small wooden pendent, jump ring, key ring, cutting blade, sandpaper, and electric drill with small drill bit.

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