Father’s Day Gifts Dads Don’t Want



It is now time to wear those thinking caps as Father’s Day fast approaches. And before you even start to read online magazines and shopping websites about the popular gift ideas you want to give the hero of your life, don’t just grab the next discounted item you see on the front page. Read the list below so you would know what you should not buy for your dad.

Neck Tie

Undecided between patterned and plain neck ties? Why not try the ones with some cartoon characters printed on it? No. Don’t even start thinking about it. Most dads are already sick of receiving a neck tie especially the ones they will never even bother to use.

 Barbecue Grill

In order of appearance on Father’s Day gift ideas, barbecue grills are next to neck ties. In case the picture of a sweaty dad while flipping burgers on the grill seem like a good idea, stop right there and get him a real gift. This one COULD work on some fathers but not on most of them. If he loves doing barbecue for the family, then go ahead. Otherwise, skip this.

Cartoon Fart or Burp Machine

There are probably a lot of beer mugs, cards and bottle openers displayed in gift shops this week. And of course, let us not forget the singing and dancing wall fish! Alright, some fathers would be happy to unwrap a box containing such burping and farting machines. It’s the thought that counts after all. But after thanking the giver, it will just be another item in the cupboard.

Funny Underwear, Shirt, Socks, Etc.

This is so popular for unknown reasons. If you think your dad will understand the intention that goes with it, think again. Not all dads are cool enough to wear tees, boxers and socks with printed cartoon characters or double entendres. Want to be safe? Just buy a plain shirt or pair of socks that he can wear under his office clothes not the one he will hesitatingly pick up when he’s out of laundry.

The best thing to give a father requires not much money involved. Most guys would simply choose to shut their brains off for the special day. You may give him the latest electronic or sports gear you know he will like but a day of camping out, hiking, swimming and simply being with kids are far more irreplaceable than any idea you have in mind.

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  1. Valeriy Says:

    Yes we moms work hard and we labor hard also with some help from the dad’s lol. I plan on laboring today while claening and spending the day with the fam. Hope you have a great day.

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