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Office Plant | by Joe Flintham via Creative Commons

Good office plants can surely make for a brighter and more cheerful atmosphere in the workplace. Apart from improving the office’s aesthetic, indoor foliage also helps improve the health of the workers by getting rid of common harmful toxins from enclosed environments and adding oxygen to stale air. But before settling on a particular plant, we’ve listed down some considerations you need to make:

Office Lighting
You need to figure out how much natural sunlight an office plant will get on average. There are low-light plants that can be placed far from windows, other plants do well near fluorescent lights, and others still need more natural sunlight and must be placed beside a window.

Make sure to measure the length of the floor, counter, or shelf space. Also take into consideration the vertical space available. Knowing where to put the office plant helps narrow your choices and helps eliminate a huge mistake during plant purchase.

Different office plants provide different benefits to the workplace. Determine what the purpose is for bringing a plant in before deciding what to get. Colorful, brightly flowering plants help brighten a space. Green leafy plants help remove much carbon dioxide in the air and add as much oxygen.

Budget and Maintenance
Figure out how much money and time you and your workmates are willing to spend on an office plant. While some plants can be pretty expensive, there are always cheaper quality alternatives. Apart from price, plants also differ in how much maintenance each require. Be honest and open with yourself and officemates at how much time you all can devote to watering and pruning the plant.

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