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Great products for new cat owners

cat tunnel, automatic cat feeder

Cats are known for their self-sufficient and naturally independent nature. While some minimal training is required when it comes to introducing them to their litter box, it is typically a quick and easy process; cats are also extremely intelligent and surprisingly clean. However, despite most cats’ autonomous temperament, they still have basic needs of food, water, and some t.l.c./attention. Whether your cat is indoors or outdoors, it is still your responsibility as a pet owner to provide them with these basic needs to ensure that they lead healthy and happy…

Debonair Great Gatsby style for men

mens white suit, italian shoes

With the upcoming motion picture remake of the renowned F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby, it is interesting to look at the different men’s fashion of the 1920s and the transition from formal to less regimented; more specifically the summer of 1922. This shift to more casual wear was marked by men preferring short jackets with two or three buttons instead of jackets with long tailcoats or pinstriped suits. Whether it is for a wedding, a 1920s themed party, or a similar special occasion, certain aspects of menswear of…

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