Fun Interactive Games For Your Baby

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Almost everyday, infants will amaze you with skills and talents because they learn quickly. Come up with your own games for your baby since you are the expert and watch the way his or her mind blooms! Remember, that children who are developing normally have tremendous differences among them. In contrast to an easygoing baby, a sensitive one is not ‘worse’ or ‘better’. Likewise, a baby is not necessarily ‘smarter’ if he touches the smudge of lipstick on his cheek ahead of another.

Babies in Bars: Really?

Baby in Bar | by Angie Garrett  via Creative Commons

You’ve probably seen it – a young woman having a meal to herself at the corner table when suddenly, a wailing sound emerges from the seat next to her and you see a little head popping out from it, crying its lungs out. It’s a topic of debate for most parents: Should babies be in bars? Some moms argue that bringing babies with them when they’re out socializing is a good way to multitask and stay connected with their peers while still taking care of their baby. Parents on the…

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