The Perks of Being a Mom-to-be

The Perks of Being a New Mom Pocketchange photo

There is no greater joy for a woman other than falling in love and getting married and anticipating the birth of her child. Often the most enjoyable activity while waiting for the baby is purchasing clothes, scouting for baby furniture, toiletries, accessories and other baby relevant stuff. What’s more fun is putting your mom-to-be hormones in a creative force and use. There are so many nifty ideas you can get from all around the internet, from friends, and other moms alike and even from the members in your pregnancy class….

Child’s Play: Electronic toys vs Traditional toys

Toys Pocketchange

Finding toys for toddlers that won’t easily bore them or that aren’t constantly needing batteries or toys that are simply not too gender-specific is hard to do. Nowadays, in this tech-savvy society, parents are looking for toys and gadgets for their children that will enhance their learning abilities as well as creativity. Fortunately, there are hundreds of toys that are made to be educational and fun at the same time. Even stuffed toys can be used as an early learning tool with its smart built-in computer which parents can even…

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