Better Skin Tricks in Under a Minute

Skin Care | by Sodanie Chea  via Creative Commons

Rushing through meetings, trips to the ladies’ room, occasional water breaks – there’s plenty of time there to freshen up your look. Maximize those minutes and make your skin look and feel brighter and smoother with the following one-minute tricks: Apply sunscreen. Using tinted sunscreen helps you get rid of two things – sun block creams and foundations. As it works double duty, your skin gets the protection it deserves while helping hide your dark spots and pimple marks. Work up a steam. Fill a bowl halfway with warm water…

Caring for Your Newly-Colored Hair

Colored Hair | by Marta Norgaard via Creative Commons

With summer almost around the corner, the urge to switch hairstyles is stronger than ever. Opting for highlights? Ombre? Or thinking of going on a 360-degree hair color change? Whatever suits your fancy, always remember that hair color doesn’t stay as fresh-from-the-salon forever. When it comes to newly-colored hair, keeping them shiny and ultra-bright the day after isn’t a piece of cake. It can lose its vibrancy and the shades get altered by time (and the sun). So what do you do? Read on for a few, effective tips on…

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