3 S’s to Avoid for Radiant, Beautiful Skin

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Anti-aging creams, lotions, and various age-defying cosmetics fill up the counters of almost all beauty shops, drugstores, and grocery aisles. But even if this is the case, more and more people still complain of fine lines, even after using tens to hundreds of these different beauty products. So what’s the secret to radiantly beautiful youthful skin, really? Go basic. And if you don’t know where to start, here are the 3 S’s you need to avoid: Sun The sun causes the most damage to everyone’s skin. Its harmful rays are…

Tips For Getting Over A Breakup

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No one wants to go through a breakup, no matter how amicable or rough it can be. The death of an important relationship and the loss of a used to be loved one can cause extreme stress and heartache. However, if people are looking for ways to get through a breakup and handle it in a proper way, here are some tips that can be helpful: Accept Change Having different feelings is perfectly normal. It is normal for people to experience a kaleidoscope of intense feelings – exhausted, angry, sad, confused…

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