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Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 86

Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week

Here at Be In Style, we believe that a truly great wardrobe is like an epic road trip playlist on shuffle: eclectic and unpredictable! Just as you might find yourself rocking out to TSwift, the Beatles and Tupac within the same 10-minute span, you should have as much fun switching up your daily outfits. Each of the ladies behind the amazing blogs below has her own different but equally fabulous style, and we hope all three of them will inspire you to shake things up. Some of our favorite looks…

Best of the Web no. 74

It’s Thursday, which means you have reason enough to rejoice — after all, it’s almost the weekend! If you spend most of your waking hours on weekdays trapped behind a desk, a great way to recharge over the weekend is by doing something creative. If you need ideas for a project or creative outlet to try out, you’ll find plenty at this week’s batch of blogs we love. Some of our favorite ideas from these blogs include crocheting granny squares, painting dishes, capturing beautiful snapshots of nature, putting together a colorful…

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