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Mini laptops are great for on the go computing


Laptops were first intended as a portable alternative desktop PCs. There was word processing and programming to be done, and often it could not wait until later in the evening for when people returned to their homes to unwind and recall what it was that needed doing. Of course, laptops today are much more powerful than those of yesteryear. Depending on the quality of the laptop, there are those that can perform all the functions of PCs from video editing, to gaming, to graphic design. However, the more powerful you…

Pick a durable tablet for outdoor work


The most common tablets you’ll hear about are the iPad, the Kindle, and the Nexus. Well, not just these three, but every single iteration of them. Whenever the next generation of these tablets is released, you will surely be notified, if not bombarded, with advertisements and huge announcements from Apple, Amazon, and Google. Without a doubt, these are great devices, but tablets are simply not meant for use in every setting. Sure, you’ll see iPads in homes, restaurants, offices, and cafes, but you’re not likely to catch one at a…

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