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Playing video games in virtual reality

virtual reality headset prototype| by Pargon via Creative Commons

First it was Oculus Rift, then next Sony announced its Project Morpheus for its PlayStation game consoles, and now another Virtual Reality (VR) headset is being designed and most likely will be hitting the market next year. Survios, the company creating another video game console accessory for new gaming experience, will be bringing gamers to VR world for Wii. Well, the VR headset was shown played with Nintendo’s Wii, so it is safe to assume that it might be available initially to Wii users. Want to know how does it feel…

The Evil Within, another survival horror game

video game consoles | by EricHolsinger via Creative Commons

Resident Evil (RE) fans and other video game players are waiting for the release of Shinji Mikami’s new survival horror game The Evil Within (Psycho Break in Japan) this 2014. While RE players are already familiar with Mikami’s game design, this new game promises a nerve-racking gameplay that will surely wanting you to fight the nemesis or choose to sneak out first. The setting is totally different from the Resident Evil, although in the trailer I feel like there are slight similarities with Silent Hill’s because of the wheel chair…

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