Girl talk: Sunglasses that fit to the shape of your face

sunglasses | by LabyrinthX via Creative Commons

Winter is not yet over, but shopping for the right sunglasses to enhance looks for summer getup is all right to do early. It is quite frustrating picking the pair of shades with the style you really like that seems off to your face. You know it is about the shape of your face that making the sunglasses a little or truly awkward for you but sometimes you just deny it to yourself. Apart from consulting your best buddy or someone who is a fashionista, try to be independent when…

Popular nail art designs

nail art | by Lele Breveglieri via Creative Commons

I love nail art! I’m a big fan of it, and it’s quite my stress reliever. Browsing the Internet to find various amazing nail art designs somehow makes my day complete. With that, I would like to share with you the designs I’ve found that I truly love to do on my nails. Get your nail polish ready and your nail art tools to start the fun! Flowers, flowers If you key in “nail art” on Google search, you will never fail to see flower-inspired designs. Try it, so you will…

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