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Change up your favorite watch


Among watch wearers, everybody has their favorite timepiece. It might be the diamond crusted Rolex that you save for special occasions, or maybe it’s the everyday diver’s watch. If you’re the type to have a single favorite watch that you wear every day, there’s a good chance the strap has worn thin or you’ve just grown tired of it. The easy thing to do is retire your trusty watch to the back of your watch rotation, but there’s an easy solution to bringing an old favorite back to life.

Traditional vs. modern engagement rings


In the olden days, a marriage started with a proposal and an engagement ring followed by a wedding and a wedding band. The classically styled engagement ring is elegant and features a large central diamond. The diamond centerpiece is intended to indicate the groom’s affluence by demonstrating how much he was willing to spend on luxuries for his bride to be. An engaged woman could show off the ring and her friends would, at the very least, have an idea of her future husband’s financial standing. Modern relationships are not…

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