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How to throw your own Olympics 2012 party


Once again, the summer Olympics are starting up and it couldn’t possibly be a more exciting time. London is highly anticipating and greatly looking forward to all the festivities that surround hosting the Olympics in their country. So what better way to celebrate London’s own excitement then by hosting your own party? The opening ceremony is upon us and we have all the things you need to make sure that you’re completely covered for any Olympic themed party you may throw. Keep reading and we’ll share with you what you…

Choosing between a charcoal and gas BBQ grill

two burner gas grill, tri-mate deluxe gas/charcoal smoker bbq grill

With Summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to have a BBQ! I remember having at least one BBQ a week as a kid growing up. There are several advantages to having a BBQ. For starters, the food tastes way better! Second, you’re not heating up the entire house with the stove and oven on a warm Summer’s day. Finally, there’s a lot less to clean up with no pots and pans everywhere. Let’s take a look at some of your BBQ options.

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